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An Introduction

I am a currently working as a Software Engineering Manager in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I like to solve problems, especially if it involves programming in Python or Go. Although I consider myself a generalist, my professional experience has predominantly been in building data interchange and integration systems to synchronise large data sets across organizations.

I have been known to write poems and short fiction on ocassion. I also practice Wing Chun Kung Fu and Parkour. I'm a member of the Inspire Sailing Club out of the Berkeley Marina.

A brief summary of my life experiences can be found in my resume.


I publish a list of my articles online here. These writings vary in nature from the technical to the whimsical.

Roll-Invert-Unroll: An Easier Way to Replace a Duvet Cover

Changing a duvet or comforter cover used to be quite hard for me, before I discovered a trick to make it much more simple. Imagine replacing your duvet cover in minutes, and without resorting to frantic shaking of your duvet. This duvet cover changing hack, which I call the “roll-invert-unroll” will make this a reality. Keep reading

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Other things I've built

  • Kickboxing Combo Trainer lets you drill rounds of randomized combos to improve your timing and movement. Rounds are categorised by the types of moves they include so you can customize the level of complexity, intensity and duration. The Kickboxing Combo Trainer source code is on GitHub.
  • Meeting Cost Clock A clock that tells you how much a meeting is going to cost. This single page web app is written in Go with Moria, powered by GopherJS and Mithril. You can get the Meeting Cost Clock Source Code at GitHub.
  • Go-Mithril Go bindings to the Mithril javascript framework. This makes it really easy to build single-page web applications in Go via GopherJS. Go-mithril also ships with a helpful wrapper, called Moria, which makes it easy to write Single Page Apps in an idiomatic Go style.
  • Varcaser A library written in Go for converting variables between different programming language casing conventions.
  • Roconv is a library and command line utility written in Go to perform conversions to and from roman numerals in a unicode-aware way.
  • Mixa (defunct). Mixa was a collaborative music composition environment. If music could be treated like source code, Mixa aimed to be github, allowing any listener to "fork" a composition and then edit it in our web app. Unfortunately no longer maintained or updated, but here's a technical report.

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